Although they are not outstanding corset

Although they are not outstanding corset, they can’t go wrong and make people look good. Very comfortable. It is matched by the way of upper and lower loose, which will not make people feel bloated.
There are many styles of waist skirts. Most of the waist skirts are to cover the fat on the waist of the fish. Generally, the waistline of the waist corset is relatively high, so most of the waist is hidden in the waist skirt, under the waistline.
Jeans and white shirts, classic and clean, can be fresh in summer, but must not be fancy, standing and taking pictures in the green leaves, you are ugly in colorful clothes. Especially for those who don’t know how to choose clothes, you can try jeans, white shirts, and white T-shirts. It’s very simple and doesn’t pick people. Although this overall outfit is not brilliant, it is not wrong, and it looks very clean.
It is very important to have short high-waisted shorts to improve the waistline. Try to choose less skirts that are over the knees, and don’t wear heavy shoes, such as thick and low shoes. It may make you taller, but it will be visually obtrusive. Many people choose pointed shoes when wearing clothes, but pointed shoes are too sharp, and pointed shoes can be selected in suits or other clothes with obvious lines.
The same color, but pay attention to the white space. Many people choose clothes of the same color to match, because it is not wrong and there will be no major problems, but many people often think of matching the same color, but forget to leave blank.