remember when wearing off white corset

One thing to remember when wearing off white corset is that the design of accessories and clothing should not be exaggerated. The simpler the better, so that the overall effect of the upper body is very beautiful. We need to choose a high waist A-line skirt for our short corset skirt, so as to create a feeling of big legs. Let’s fill our wardrobe with solid colored corset this summer. It is the best choice to choose long skirts and short tops when matching, which can cover the imperfections of our lower body. Like the long skirt in the picture. The upper part is tight, the waist turns into an umbrella, and the black and white pattern also plays a very good role in embellishment. The upper part of the body uses a short black leather coat, coupled with a pair of white sneakers. The whole body is matched around black and white, which will not give people the feeling of whistling, but also looks cool and handsome.