The whole body is one color corset

The whole body is one color corset, and white should be added appropriately. For example, a pair of white shoes and a white shirt are worn inside. This is more comfortable than the whole body, because it is too full. After a while, there will be a sense of depression all over the body, wrapping everyone, and there is no room for dialysis. Or appropriate bare skin.
Contrasting colors, although amazing, should be cautious. The most classic is high-saturation blue and high-saturation yellow. This has also been seen in many clothes colors, but it is difficult for people to control, but it is indeed amazing at a glance. Most people can’t control high saturation, and they can also choose low saturation. Low saturation blue and low saturation yellow are also quite beautiful. For example, the macaron color that was very popular not long ago, macaron color looks very girly, sweet, macaron color blue, pink, yellow, etc. can be matched with each other corset.